Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more then 1 qty? I need … qtys.

All our items are listed in our store. Enter the model number into the store search box. If we more items in stock, they will be displayed along with its price.


What is your best price? Unfortunately that's my budget $xyz .

Our listings are Fixed Price listings. However, for items with price > $500, you can submit your best offer and we will consider it.


What will it cost to ship to  ...  country?

Unless the item is listed for Worldwide sales, we usually list the item for international sales to Canada, Australia, UK and Germany. However, we are open to shipping it to other countries on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us and will usually be able to provide you a price quote


Will you ship using my FEDEX/UPS account number?

Yes – we can ship items using your Fedex/UPS Account number (referred to as third party billing). For third party billing of UPS Shipments, please note that we need the zipcode/postal code of the buyer’s billing address.


The item appears damaged....

If the item sold has any visible damage, we declare it in the CONDITION section of the listing. So if the item arrives to the buyer in broken/damaged condition, it is usually damaged in shipment. Please contact us immediately and we will work with you to arrive at an adequate resolution for the damages incurred.


Will this item work with 220v?

Most routers, switches and firewalls work with both 110/220V. We ship 110V cables to destinations in the US, Canada and Mexico and a few types of 220V cables. However, if you have a doubt whether it works with 220V, do contact us and we will clarify it.


Does this unit come with rack mount brackets?

We try to ship all items with rackmount brackets.  If they are not included, it will be mentioned in the listing. Please note that sometimes, the unit is sold without the original rackmount bracket. In these cases, we put a "best fit" substitute.


I want the shipment fast. I am ready to pay more...

We provide all Fedex shipment alternatives – Ground, Express Saver, Two Day, Standard Overnight and Priority Overnight. We also offer USPS Express Mail & Priority Mail. Most listings provide these express shipment alternatives and their prices. However, if it does not meet your needs, do contact us at 408 771 8088 and we will provide a shipment alternative and quote which meets your needs.

Internationally, we support USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail package shipments. USPS shipments have become very reliable over the late year and are more economical than Fedex, UPS and DHL. We also ship DHL on a "as requested" basis. We can also ship Fedex and UPS using our customer's account number but our International Fedex and UPS rates may not be competitive.


Can I have tracking on this shipment?

All our shipments have a Fedex or USPS tracking number so that you can monitor the status of your shipments. Once your item has shipped, you will automatically get an email with your tracking information included.


Can I pick up the item from Cupertino?

Yes – you can pick it. Do call us on 408 771 8088 to schedule a pickup appointment between noon – 6 pm, M-F.


How much do you charge for shipping?

We offer a free ground shipping within the 48 congiguous states of US. The shipping calculator with automatically calculate shipping for international destinations, Alaska and Hawaii, once you enter your destination country and zipcode.


Can you ship this item to any International country?

Internationally, our listings are enabled for shipment to Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe. However, we are open to offers/requests from other countries too. Please send your request to .


Has my item shipped yet?

Once your item ships, you will get an email from us with the tracking details. Please search your mail system for this email and you will get shipment details with tracking number. If you cannot find this email, do contact us at . We can look it up and update you.


Do you ship the day the day you receive payment?

We ship within one business days of receiving payment. Historically, 90% of the shipments are made within 24 hrs of receiving payment.


Does the product  come with manuals, disks, console cable?

These are used items and usually do not include manuals, disks and console cables. If these items are mentioned in the listing, then they are included. Manuals can usually be procured online on the internet.


I will pay this weekend. Is that OK?

We require  payment, in advance, once you purchase the item. We will ship the item once it is paid. We will hold the item for up to one week after purchase, in expectation of receiving payment. After one week, we will open a non-payment case to annul the sale.


Do you have more then one, and would you combine shipping?

Yes – we can combine shipping charges for purchase of multiple items. If you are buying on eBay, buy the item with free/cheapest shipping but do not pay for it. We will send you a combined invoice with a single shipping charge.


Is this Sonicwall firewall transferable?

Yes – all Sonicwall items we sell have transferable registration,


Will you "blind ship" and/or drop ship and item for me?

Yes - we can do it. Just let us know your requirements.


Can you put my packing slip in the box.

Yes - do specify your instructions clearly. We will follow them.


Can you send us the serial number of the unit?

Yes - but please specify this requirement before/along with the purchase. After the item is packed, it will be difficult to provide the serial number.


Is the unit still available?

If you can buy it, it is still available.


I am a reseller - can you remove sales tax on the item?

If you have a CA reseller's permit and we are shipping an item on your behalf to a CA address (or your address), them we can remove CA sales tax on an item sold to you if you provide us a signed CA BOE230 form. Please note that providing us a copy of your CA reseller permit is not adequate documentation for removing CA sales tax on our invoice.


What is your discount if I buy qty 6?

Contact us and we'll see what we can work out.


The item listed is not the same as the item sent?

Ofter we sell multiple quantities of a particular unit. And since these are usually used units, it is possible that there may be minor variation in the condition or software versions. We try to keep the photos up-to-date for expensive items, to minimize the gap between expectation and satisfaction. If this is an issue, please contact us and we'll see how we can best address your concern.


Can you clarify the kind of Cisco IOS software on the router?

We inventory the products by different flavors of IOS like Enterprise Services IOS, SP Services IOS, etc. So the kind of IOS you receive should be same as the one in the photo.